Carry Systems

Where to carry your throwbag?

WWTc throwbag carry system
WWTc throwbag carry system

- On the raft - Yes

That is why we developped the Craft 27 a longer and stronger rope to be carried on the twarth.

But according to current standards You need to have one on your body as well!


- on your vest (PFD, BA) back carry - old school

pros: always with You

cons: having it on the back makes it difficult to access or easy to loose and usually limited on size


- hooked on a carabiner - dangerous

some guides still clipping the rope onto themselves. it is disturbing while swimming, running, guiding and against the clean profile principle. Make sure there is nothing hanging so you do not get caught.


- waist belt:

usually it flops around while running and swimming. Might be disturbing or you might even loose it. Some producers are selling special belts sawn from pieces of straps. I lost a few throwbags with these carry systems. So it turned out to be way too expensive.

An other bad idea to through your bag with the built-in belt - what i have seen as an alternative. Hanging clips might hurt the swimmer or might get caught...


- Extra Danger!

Throwbag closure: many of the closed throwbags allow the rope to snake out from the bag especially if you have the end sticking out from the bag. This might turn into a fatal hazard in the water. You do not need to compromise on safety, the WWTc carry system allows you to have the end of the rope ready to use but held by the belt bag preventing it to come out when not needed.


- WWTc belt-bag:

This great solution was invented by Christian Morice. Quick access to the rope, quick release of the belt for safety and extremely compact. The rope stays tight all the time not hanging or flopping around when running and swimming.